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Free data migration app

Mi Move is a new data migration app by Xiaomi that transfers files from other name brand smartphones to a Xiaomi phone. The utilities and tools app gives you the capability to move media and documents wirelessly as the application allows the devices to connect to one another through any portable hotspot. Whether its files, photos, videos, and audio, you will experience fast, stable, and secure file migration through the Xiaomi app. 

What is Mi Mover?

Mi Mover is the official file transfer app by Xiaomi. It was originally released for MIUI devices, but now the application is available for other mobile operating systems. The app offers a lot of capabilities including the ability to send files to other Xiaomi devices and backup your Android Package Kit files. To pair two devices, all you need is to install Mi Mover on both phones. 

The app alone can deliver a connection speed of 6 megabytes per second. It’s much faster than restoring from a cloud backup service. With this Xiaomi app, you no longer have to reinstall apps and reload files from your current phone to your Mi Phone. You can also send contacts, messages, images, audio, videos, documents, programs, and other data. You also have the option to send data through the QR code.

Codes are an easier way of sending files between phones so you don’t need to pair them via a hotspot. This makes the process of transferring files straightforward and simple. As you begin the process, your new Xiaomi smartphone will become a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to begin an efficient data recovery. The process will be quick so you can constantly back-up your files or upload them to your phone at a moment’s notice. 

Transfer your apps safely 

With Mi Move, you will greatly benefit from the process of sending and receiving files via a hotspot rather than a cloud system. The direct connection between the two phones keeps your information private and away from third-party cloud storage, applications, or devices. Overall, it is an efficient way to get all your old date from your old device to your current one. It can be your go-to way to retrieve files without uploading it on the web, complicated cables, and elaborate instructions. 


  • 6 MB connection speed
  • Move data through QR and hotspot
  • Created by official Xiaomi


  • Does not breakdown items transferred


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Mi Mover


Mi Mover 2.0.2 for Android


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